Our Friend Anxiety

You know that one friend you make and in the moment you think they’re super awesome and you wouldn’t mind talking to each other outside of the current situation? Then, the moment you do text each other and you do hang out again you notice that the person is more annoying than helpful, or more of a downer then a positive influence?

[Disclaimer; this post discusses some personal things for me that I wouldn’t talk about to anyone. I keep most things quiet, in this particular post I haven’t. Please proceed with an open mind.]

If your a person like me in their late twenties, its safe to say you have experienced your fair share of this. Honestly, being in your twenties is almost worse then your teenage years, in my opinion. You have all the freedom you could ask for, but way harsher consequences if you fuck up. I miss being sixteen and getting in trouble knowing the worst thing you’ll get is two weeks of grounding. In your twenties, you fuck up, it could mean jail or you being broke for way longer then you can handle.

We all are taught that your teenage years are for figuring out how to survive in the world. Yes, you do learn a lot of things. In reality, your parents and your teachers can only teach you so much. Your still doing a trial and error process with a lot of situations you run across. This is where we meet our little pal anxiety.

Depending on how you look at it, anxiety can really cripple your mind. For me its hitting more now in my late twenties then ever before. I’m learning to find my own ways of dealing with the pesky beast and sometimes my ways of coping don’t exactly cure it. But, like most, I do what I can to help my mental state. Let me share a couple ways I deal with anxiety.

I will warn you, it may not be completely healthy or logical… or maybe legal but this is me. If your a dear friend of mine and you don’t want to know my personal moments please close this post now because I am not ashamed of who I am.

If you read my about page, you noticed my “religion” isn’t normal in some aspects, but its good for me. I do follow a spiritual path that honestly helps me. Mind, body, and soul. Its not for everyone and that’s completely ok. Back to crystals. I use my crystals to focus on my anxiety and release it into the world. I know what your thinking, By that sentence you see me as a hippie now. Maybe so, but I have my way of dealing with tough shit just as you do. I just happen to believe in crystal healing.

Growing up my parents smoked cigarettes all my life. That in turn was actually helpful to me. I never once picked up the addiction to nicotine. It wasn’t until my twenties that I tried smoking anything with THC in it. Judge away, I know you will. THC has been proven to help more than hurt. Don’t believe me? Google it. When my anxiety is almost unbareable, I take 10 minutes to myself no matter where I am and I find a empty room to take one hit of my THC pen. No I don’t smoke actual pot. I can’t because of the smell. Don’t think I haven’t thought of it.

This is a more of a practical way that most people turn to for releasing anxiety or stress. Writing your troubles out (as I am doing in this moment) does help quite a bit. It helps to release worries even for a brief minute. Thats also why I created this blog. If Ive ever believed in anything its that taking something bad and seeing a profit from it is a good thing!

No matter how you deal with your anxiety, know it can’t consume you. It isn’t who you are. You can overcome it. You just have to fight it. For most of us it’ll be a war of a lifetime. To have a healthy mental state though, its a war worth fighting.