The Lion King; Review

Saturday I was able to witness the beautiful journey back to Africa in the new Lion King movie. From the antelope to the hyenas, I personally was over the moon with excitement to visit my childhood again. While I did enjoy the movie there were a few things I wanted to discuss with you guys.


With the movie being fully CGI I personally thought it was beautiful. Each scene is definitely pleasing to the eye. My favorite being the area where Timon and Pumba live.


I know a lot of people were not pleased that Beyonce portrayed Nala. Given Beyoncé’s profession your sure to know she was a big part of the songs that we all hold dear in our hearts. I’m not a Beyonce fan myself but I didn’t think she did terrible with the songs. I do thing she tried putting to much of her own spin on such classic songs. That could have been lessened a bit.


The characters we 90’s babies grew to love held a few issues. Simba, I had no issues with. Nala, I did feel was awkward though. Again, I don’t hate Beyonce but I don’t feel she was the best choice for Nala’s character. Seth Rogan as Pumba felt so perfect! I was actually worried about how he would do, but he fit the role amazingly! Scar felt a bit less than. I wasn’t a huge fan of Scar as a kid, but he stuck out in the movie as a great villain. This version of Scar wasn’t great. Rafiki is where my issue was. Although he was just a babbling baboon in the animated movie, he held a pretty significant spot if you ask me. But in this version, he was cut down significantly.

All in all I give the movie an 8/10 because it’s just simply not the classic I know. This generation will hold it dear to their hearts as I did the animated I’m sure. I do recommend seeing it to anyone who loved the old one, but keep your expectations minimal.