Under The Scars by Isabella Morgan

I want to start by saying second chance romance novels are my favorite right along side enemies to lovers.

I honestly attempted writing a summary for this book to share with you guys but there is so much good in it I would not want to spoil a word. So I’m going to show you the blurb from Goodreads to show you what this book is about!

Four years ago, when I left him in the dust as my car sped away, I thought I’d never have to see Nick Andrews again.

That is, until I was called to my mother’s deathbed to say goodbye.

I wasn’t ready to lose her. I wasn’t ready for the man who broke my heart to tell me my mother had cancer, that she only had days left to live. 

Seeing Nick after all this time—hot as ever and completely off limits—ripped open the scars he’d left four years ago. The pain. The heartache. With our complicated past, I wasn’t sure I could let him in again. 

How can you love someone after they shatter your heart and leave it strewn all over the ground, only to want to do it all over again? 

I thought when she left me in the dust four years ago, I wouldn’t see Violet Moore again.

That is, until she came home to her sick mother—my patient—who only had days left to live.

I was the one who took care of people when they needed it the most, but here I was struggling to keep my heart rate down watching Violet lose everything that mattered to her most. 

And I was one of them.

But I wouldn’t let her lose me again. With our complicated past not yet settled in the ground, I was going to do anything it took to have her back again.

Even if it meant opening old wounds.
Because there was still a fire.
Under The Scars

All in all, I loved this book. As you can see above I did give it a 3 on the Steamy scale, but honestly with a story like this one, I was completely fine the sex being kept at a minimum. The romance overpowered that along with the touching, heartfelt story.

One thing I would love to tell anyone who thinks of picking this book up is to get you some tissues because in total I cried at three parts of the book. Unfortunately I’ve lost a couple family members to cancer. It’s the worst to watch someone with so much life in them have it sucked away in sometimes what can be a matter of days. The emotions it brings out in family members watching with you can sometimes be brutal as well. Cancer puts a life in perspective really quickly.

Reading Violet and Nicks story isn’t only filled with emotions from that. You feel betrayal with Violet, as well as heartbreak from them both. The end of the book was my third time crying, this time because I could relate to these guys so much I love it. So they were happy tears kind of?…

Anyhow, definitely pick up this book. You won’t regret it and as a special note to Isabella, you have a fan who’s super excited to see what story’s you have in the future! I’ll definitely keep in touch.