My Path; Vol. 1

So if you’ve read my post up to this point you’ll remember back when I revamped my blog to As Told By Tracy, I said I wanted to cover my spiritual beliefs and why they are the way they are. Well here is chapter one, if you will because I know this is going to take several post to air out.


You may find out more about me then you realized but I want to tell you now, I am still Tracy. I will never let my beliefs hinder our friendship because I am use to keeping my thoughts to myself. I understand not everyone thinks the same way, but I expect privacy and non-judgmental comments in return. If you are curious and want to ask me about something feel free. If I feel it’s offensive I simply won’t answer an ignore the fact you said it. If your wondering why I’m writing this because I want to keep private with some of it, I simply want to be 100% me.

Now on to my purpose of this post. I grew up in southwest Virginia. Right along the line of Tennessee and Virginia. My town is the type you can see a church every mile or so. The churches are mainly Methodist or Baptist, but you get the picture. My parents raised me to know God was a thing, but they never pressured me to know more or learn more. They didn’t go to church every Sunday. They did however get married in a Baptist church. For me, I always wanted to go to church when I was at the age you are in elementary school. So I went with my aunt for a while. It was fun and I met a lot of new people, some I still know. The things I never got or felt was a feeling from the sermons the preacher gave. All of the older ladies would come out saying “oh wasn’t that beautiful”. As a kid I would just nod in agreement. Eventually my aunt gained five new grandchildren by marriage and I was told I had to find a new way to church. That’s when I stopped going all together.

Since then I’ve probably stepped foot in two other church’s. To be completely honest it never feels right to me. Most would say I’ve just not found the right church for me but I just can’t seem to agree. Every religion has their own beliefs. If your a Christian your taught that one day God will take you home. I cannot seem to wrap my head around another being magically coming out of the sky for us all. So that still leaves me with the question…

Do I believe in God?

To be brutally honest, I don’t believe I do. I do however believe there is a “higher power” if you will. That is the question to this day I’m still trying to figure out. Do I believe in spirits? In some form yes. Having a loved one who has passed on walking beside you in spirit I 100% believe in. Once I came to the conclusion I don’t believe that God is a person like most do I started wondering….

What religion do I believe in?

If you ask me now, this is where you will be freaked out. At least most of my personal friends will. I’ve found myself siding more along the lines of Wiccan/Witchcraft-ish. I haven’t fully determined which. When most hear the word witches or witchcraft they run. I get that. I was raised to believe there wasn’t such thing as witches. If you did believe in that then you must worship the devil. I’m here to attest…

That is 100% false.

I do not worship the devil. Do I believe he’s as bad as the majority make him out to be? Not exactly. Obviously he was a sinner. That’s a given. Now I know what your thinking, if you don’t believe in God why do you believe in Satan? That’s simple. I do see a good/bad ratio in my beliefs.

The moral of my story;

I’m still figuring things out for myself but if you’d like me to dive into it all deeper I will. I honestly love discussing it because it brings me joy. That’s what happens when you find something you truly side with and believe in right?

Bye for now!