Star Envy

Have you ever sat down an watched a YouTube video on a celebrity giving a tour of their office or even home? Something like MTV Cribs from back in the day. Now you know what I mean.

It’s fun to see what fame and money bought other people in their lives. For me I obsess over what they have that I can recreate for myself some day. I wouldn’t be able to buy things as expensive but there are always cheaper brands. Let me give you a few examples of people who have made it big by just being themselves.

Jeffree Star

A beauty mogul who made it to the top via YouTube and is now worth $50 million. That’s something! I’ve watched so many videos now about him and his empire. It’s very motivating to see what he has now. Not to mention, if you do watch any video with him, he is one hundred percent himself. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything he says. That’s how I want to be.

Shane Dawson

Another YouTube star who rose to fame simply by his comedic skits. Shane now has twenty two million subscribers in 2019. Recently he’s done videos featuring other YouTube sensations such as Eugenia Cooney and Jeffree Star. What I like about Shane is, he has anxiety. Sounds weird right? What I mean is he doesn’t hide that fact about himself in any video he does. You see him spiral and worry over things. Again, someone else who is just what you see.

Kylie Jenner

Okay, I know your like Kylie was born into fame. She may have been, that part is true. What no one pays attention to is she used what she was given to make a name for herself. She used the Kardashian/Jenner fame to create a beauty empire. The girl isn’t even twenty five yet! Recently she posted a office tour of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin. Watching it I couldn’t help but repeat in my head. Why can’t I be Kylie?? Why can’t I have an office the size of our local Walmart?!!

Most would read this and say “stop comparing your life to someone famous”. I’m not. I’m simply saying, I want to achieve something as massive as these people have. I want to be able to go out and buy a house without a second thought. I want to be able to give to my parents what they’ve provided me through life and more.

Who wouldn’t want this in their life?

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