Hitching The Cowboy

(Disclaimer: This is a review based off my honest opinion. I was able to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion of the book.)

“He never saw her coming. But she might be worth the risk.”

My kryptonite of book genre’s is a good cowboy romance. That alone is why I became huge, huge fans of these duo authors, Kennedy Fox. They have created a world that’d I’d love to be a part of. They created The Bishop family. A bunch of down-home, southern, amazing country folks who live in the heart of Texas. The hospitality alone will steal you into their world. Thats not why I’m here though.

Hitching The Cowboy brings us into the next generation of Bishops. There is a series before this that I highly recommend if you’ve not read it. Honestly though, You could read this particular one completely alone. In this story, we follow Riley and Zoey. A cowboy and a hair stylist. Two completely different people who happen to cross paths one drunken night in Vegas. Only to find out the next morning their drunken excursion caused the two of them to get hitched!

5 Stars!

This book has all my votes as does the rest of the series that entails the Bishop gang. I’m uber excited to see the next couple books from the ladies. For now, I’m here to tell you GO READ HITCHING THE COWBOY!

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