I’m A New Beauty Guru

Hah! You really thought I was being serious didn’t you?! I do have a sense of humor from time to time. In all seriousness though..

Since I’ve gotten older, I’ve found a new love for makeup. In high school, I honestly never wore it a lot. It took to much time and I never cared. Now that I’m 27, I fucking love it. Sorry for the cussing but I’m serious I cannot leave the house without it now. It literally just makes me happy.

Some girls I work with suggested I start a Youtube channel or a Instagram with looks I do. So I caved and I launched one! Instagram- not Youtube. Still cannot stand seeing myself on camera… even though I’m up to 1000 followers on TikTok (go follow me @astoldbytracyy) I’m actually proud of that, but that’s a story for another post. Below I’m going to show you guys a few post I have up so you can decide whether you want to go follow my beauty Instagram.

So its up to you go find me instagram.com/looksbytracy 🙂

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