YouTuber’s and Why I’m Not One

happy, happy thursday guys!

Have you ever been sitting at home in your comfiest chair, or even in your bed snuggled up watching your favorite YouTuber and asked yourself, “Why didn’t you start this when you were a teen?!” Yeah, me too..

In the last few months, I’ve been watching a lot more YouTube then I ever have really. Never did I realize how fun it could have been to start a Youtube channel way back when I was a teenager that way I could possibly be as famous as Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, or Tana Mongeau. There has been a couple time’s I’ve tried revamping my content on here and adding videos. I even attempted a booktube, I managed one video and it was so awkward.

Shane Dawson, Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star

I learned quickly in front of a camera I freeze up. If I’m alone, I’m not someone who can just keep rambling on a certain subject. I can write about one for days, but the words just don’t come out of my mouth as easily as they do my hands. So with this, I’ve decided to revert back to the original idea I had with my blog. Write to you guys, my awesome readers, about anything and everything that’s passing through my mind. That could mean you get a book review, or rant, or even a beauty review/recommendation.

Should I do a vlog?

I know I’m just not Youtube video material but maybe I can throw together some vlogs for you guys and post them on here from time to time? If you have any thoughts, tips, advice feel free to throw them in the comments below. If I do attempt vlogs, I’ll be winging it. I’m defiantly not a YouTube person who knows how to edit a video and such.

Question of the day; Who’s your favorite Youtuber and why? I need new rec’s!

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  1. First off, I recently (like the last three days lol) just really started getting really into Tana. I thought she was annoying for a while. But you know what, she just might be the most genuine, down-to-earth YouTuber out there and I love her craziness! I really like to watch creepy channels, too. Like Top 5s and Top 5 Unknowns. Matthew Santoro has some good content. Ooo and so does Kendal Rae!

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