Alternate Reality

When your a kid and you watch a movie like Harry Potter for example, you wish you could do magic. You play around with a wand shouting Alohamora like its actually real. As an adult, that would really be nice!

Before I go any further, I just want to say I hope everyone’s having a fantastic Friday. I’m working the Frozen 2 premier at my full time job. Please keep me in your prayers from all the children I’ll encounter! Now back to your regular programming…

Constantly, as adults were dreaming of an alternate reality where bills don’t exist. Am I right or am I right?? Life always hands us something and were constantly thinking or saying “Man, I wish I didn’t have to do this.” But we do it anyway because that’s life. There is always a perfect world we all dream of. Whether it contains no bills, magic, being rich, no such thing as cleaning, etc.. For myself, I’m constantly finding myself in a situation of thinking that I wish my life would have turned out differently. Its not that I’m unhappy, I just want to change somethings in my life currently. Just to show you a couple examples…

Having A Rich Uncle

I wish life had gifted me with a family member who was filthy rich, and when they pass on their wealth is left to me. Call me greedy or whatever but honestly I came from a family where 99% of us have worked for everything thing we own. I wasn’t handed a house when I turned 18. I wasn’t handed a car. I wasn’t handed a trust fund. Once I graduated high school, I didn’t go to college because honestly it wasn’t something I could afford and neither could my parents.

Landing A Great Paying Job

Like I said in the paragraph above, I went straight into the workforce from high school. My first ever public job was Best Buy. With all honesty, I absolutely hated it. I worked customer service at maybe one day a week. I barely made 80$ a paycheck. Within 9 months I left and landed my job at out local theater. Granted I make significantly more, but the hours absolutely suck for someone who’s married and wanting to start a family life. My husband works 9am-9pm most days. My shifts run 4pm to 12am sometimes 1am. So we rarely see one another for long periods of time a day and its hard. (For anyone looking to hire someone like me for any kind of job feel free to email me. Seriously. I’m desperate.) I dream of a job working 9-5 so I can have time with my husband and who knows maybe have a kid. This is literally on my mind 24/7.

Moral of my post I guess is that life sucks as an adult unless you have a career goal. Go to college kids. Take chances at big jobs. You’ll want to be happy in the job you have. Otherwise you’ll lead a very miserable life.

Now that I’ve made everyone depressed, I’m going to have to run. All jokes aside appreciate what you have. 🙂

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  1. I feel you. I didn’t get a car or anything like that. I went to two semesters of college and some things happened that caused me to fail both semesters. So I have 7K in student loans I’m still paying on… For nothing.

    Adulting is hard.

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