Stress Drinking

It’s a given, alcohol is fun! For some it isn’t and that’s completely ok. Drum roll please! Here comes a tipsy post about drinking!

Disclaimer: I’m speaking on my behalf and not everyone’s. If your sober from alcohol, I give you so many kudos!

Growing up (not going to lie I use this a lot but this deals with my childhood a lot) I never expected myself to enjoy alcohol. My father actually drank so much when I was younger and the way I remember it is that 70% of the time it was a nightmare. The good times when he was drinking were a blast. Some of the best memories I do have. But the bad out ways the good there.

Don’t get me wrong, the bad times have fucked my anxiety up honestly! But the good times were iconic.

(Hi there, this is sober me. I repeat myself while drunk. It’s clear. At least I kept this post short!)

Fast forward to now. Twenty seven years later I now drink from stress. Never in my life did I figure this would be the normal for me. Adult hood brings so much stress, my opinion is that you have to cope, some how. You need something to distract your mind, something to be your happy self. For me that is alcohol. (Sober me again. It’s alcohol 50% of the time.)

Whiskey is definitely my preference. I don’t know why, even though I say it’s my fathers genes in me. I prefer whiskey. I’ve tried wine.. not my thing. I will drink moscato though if it’s all that’s available. Beer is definitely a no go. Vodka makes me sick every time.

*cue the tune of Toby Keith’s Whiskey Girl song*

All jokes aside, I’m a drinker and I’m okay with it. It calms me. Makes me super happy. It also allows me to forget all my troubles.

Until next time folks, buh-bye!

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