Conspiracy Theories

First off, happy thanksgiving guys 🦃 I hope you all have your tummies full of yummy food along with some wonderful family time. I’m bringing you some light reading on this wonderful day!

Conspiracy theories are all around us. One is hidden in almost every corner of the earth. Whether it be a song, a movie, a sign, etc.

I’ve never been one to be interested in something like that. Honestly, it involves to much thinking and I’m a simple minded kind of person. If I have to spend hours figuring out something, I’m not inclined to do it. That’s mainly because I’m not a fan of puzzles. That is basically what a conspiracy theory is like. Some people, however, love puzzles! My husbands a prime example.

Lately though, I’ve found myself indulged in Youtube videos explaining some of these. I know what your thinking. Tracy, you just said you hate them. Watching a video explaining them is different. Your not physically looking them up yourself.

With that being said though, I want to start discussing some of these with you guys! Right now Thanksgiving is literally around the corner. (Me writing this on the Tuesday prior.)

By next week I should have my first introduced to you. Until then, leave me some of your favorite ones to investigate.

P.S tomorrow my Etsy shop is having an awesome Black Friday sale!! Go check it out! I’ll have sales running November 29 through December 5! Tracys Craft Store

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