Who is Tracy?

This is the part I’m suppose to tell you about myself. I’ll do my best, but this is your warning, I’m terrible at bragging on myself.

My name is Tracy Abelseth. I hail from a small town in the United States. East Coast specifically. I was raised in an area that is considered the “Bible Belt”. What I mean by that is most people follow under such religions as Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, etc.. Me? I don’t fall under those. But I’m not here to explain that. If your very curious, I do follow my own spiritual path. Solitarily.

Besides that, I’m your average bookworm. I love all things writing and reading. I have an addiction to buying new notebooks and books! In the last year, I’ve read more romance then anything. I don’t mind a good young adult novel though. By these facts you may have guessed I’m a Ravenclaw.

As for this blog, I hope you find yourself following me along my journey through life. Whether it be books, writing, or my random jabberings you read. I’m happy you’ve read this far! Do me a favor, like this page. Just to show me your there. 🙂